Ready... Set... (Impulse:) Go!

Review by thunderleaf on Sunday, September 4th 2011
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Impulse: Go is a game created by lcraniuml


Meh, I'll review another Impulse game, so I'll play this.


This review will be short, choppy and terrible, because I don't have enough time to type a regular-length review. I will improve it later, when I find more time. (Maybe.)


Honestly, Impulse: Go was a bit underwhelming. Sure, it had the elements of the first two games in the series, but it just didn't appeal to me. The tiers were a tiny bit sloppy, but were okay. Also, it seemed like a Sploder shooter pinball game because of all the objects everywhere, although the game had no relevance to pinball at all. Overall, the gameplay was okay, but it was less exciting than Impulse and Impulse: Overboard.

I can't really say too much about the action; it's pretty much the same stuff as all the Impulse games: seek-and-destroy, avoid nitros, blow stuff up, and kill enemies. Anyway, the action was okay, but was recycled from the other Impulse games.

Impulse: Go was challenging all right, but the challenges seemed a bit unbalanced: simple challenge here, then an excruciatingly hard puzzle there. On the positive side, lcraniuml incorporated some pretty neat stuff and managed to keep the difficulty level around Impulse: Overboard's.

I could tell lcraniuml put a good amount of effort into the game, but it wasn't really oozing out of the game like Impulse and Impulse: Overboard. In short, I was a bit disappointed with the amount of effort put into the game, especially with the somewhat sloppy opening tier.

Placement was okay, and could've been improved. I liked how lcraniuml always puts in a ton of nitros, mortars, and cruisers everywhere, but I didn't like the random obstacles; they were a bit unnecessary and could've been replaced with more appropriate stuff fitting the situation.

Meh, scenery. I don't really care about it, and I was too lazy to notice any while playing the game. Pass.

All in all, Impulse: Go was a bit disappointing, could've been improved, and was a tad bit boring. Yet the game shows how good lcraniuml is at creating shooters, so overall the game was good.


-None, because I was too lazy to re-read the review to find material to post here.


-None, because I was too lazy to re-read the review to find material to post here.


Action: ___.85/_____
Challenge: ____.7/_____
Effort: ___.6/_____
Placement: ___.6/_____
Overall: ___.75/_____


Impulse: Go Reviewed by thunderleaf on Sunday, September 4th 2011. Ready... Set... (Impulse:) Go! - A game review written by thunderleaf for the game 'Impulse: Go' by lcraniuml. Rating: 3