I Shoot For The Moon, But I'm Too Busy Gazin' At The Stars...

Review by thunderleaf on Sunday, September 4th 2011
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Star Gazer: Unlimited is a game created by deathleaf


Another featured shooter with a simple thumbnail. And is that my enemy gate introduction puzzle too? [/cough]Copycat.[/cough]


Cheesy titles for the win. :3


Star Gazer: Unlimited was a bit underwhelming; usually, when a shooter is featured, it has a lot of action, a good story, or it's extremely challenging; Star Gazer: Unlimited lacked a bit of these qualities. Still, the game was good.

Meh, it was challenging, but I didn't really pay attention to it too much, so I pretty much forgot most of it. All I pretty can much say is that it was challenging, but didn't have the difficulty and puzzles of a typical featured shooter, so I'd say the challenges of Star Gazer: Unlimited were okay, although they were a bit easy; the key to pretty much most of the challenges were to look around the area and find the traps and stuff.

The action was good and different from most featured games; you had to attack enemies from a longer range. For an example, around the beginning of the game, you had to attack turrets and a launcher from a distance; most featured games involve hit-and-run types of action, so this was unique and nice. Great job King Leafy.

The placement was good. As I said before, you had to attack enemies from a distance, which were placed well and were incorporated into the game nicely. I also thought the location of traps was good, though a few traps could've been placed in better places.

Effort was significant in the game, but I feel that Deathleaf could've put in a bit more effort in certain areas, such as the thumbnail and opening puzzle. As I said above, the placement could've been improved, and Deathleaf could've put more effort into it instead of other less significant stuff.

Scenery was okay. Some stuff could've been improved like the thumbnail. (A basic star polygon trick with triangles, real catchy.) On the plus side, the game had some puzzles that incorporated the scenery within it, making it harder and more challenging.

All in all, Star Gazer: Unlimited was pretty good. It could've been improved in certain points, but still, I enjoyed playing the game. Keep up the good work, Deathleaf.





-Placement could be better.


Action: ____/_____
Challenge: ___.8/_____
Effort: ___.75/_____
Placement: ___.6/_____
Overall: ___.85/_____


Star Gazer: Unlimited Reviewed by thunderleaf on Sunday, September 4th 2011. I Shoot For The Moon, But I'm Too Busy Gazin' At The Stars... - A game review written by thunderleaf for the game 'Star Gazer: Unlimited' by deathleaf. Rating: 3