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Review by thunderleaf on Tuesday, June 5th 2012
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Phusion is a game created by ppphantasm

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Today I'll be reviewing:

Phusion by Ppphantasm.

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Shooter (Ship).


Well, it's been a long time since I've written a review, but now I'm on summer break and I'm ready to play some games, because I've lost the creativity and interest in making them. Since I've become more active, I have set up a review station on the forums, and the first request I received was from Ppphantasm to review his game Phusion. At first, I honestly didn't think it would be that good, but I tried to keep an open mind, because I had never played any of his games before, and as I played on, I was hooked.


The game was tricky, which really ticked me off, because it was extremely simple, and I've beaten multiple games with similar traps to Phusion. The puzzles seemed recycled from featured games of the past, and a couple were new to me, but they were quite simple. The problem was, the puzzles were lined up one after another, depleting your precious health within only a couple tiers.

Phusion was pretty basic and plain in design. In the beginning, there's some hazards set up as design, but as you move on, it's mostly just the shape of the path you have to traverse through to the end. It got pretty old, but some of it was pretty tactical, forcing you to race out into the open when you had critically low health.

As I kept dying, I was hooked, because I knew exactly what to do, but I didn't. I got frustrated after a little while, because the game was so simple, but it wasn't at the same time! The game was really addicting, and I'd probably spent a good amount of time stuck on certain puzzles.

The placement was superb in this game, though it lacked originality. In the beginning, I noticed that the turrets were easily lined away for me to hit them hard without them even turning around to strike back. Also, exploding nitro/magnet/mortar trap was extremely simple, I just launched a couple bombs and walked on. But as the game progressed, the placement improved and I died more often, because more places were covered and my health was quickly drained by constant fire of enemies.

Phusion was a pretty good game, but it respectively is not one of my favorite games. It was unoriginal to an extent and seemed like a carbon copy of a featured game in 2010. It was addictive and difficult, which I liked. The game was plain and it wasn't ridiculously complex. The game was nicely made and I can tell Ppphantasm put a good amount of effort into it. So overall, Phusion was a good game.






-Mundane puzzles/unoriginal (respectively).

-Nothing extremely significant/special.


Action: ____/_____
Challenge: ____.5/_____
Placement: ____/_____
Design: ___/_____
Overall: ____/_____


Phusion Reviewed by thunderleaf on Tuesday, June 5th 2012. A Nice Basic Game - A game review written by thunderleaf for the game 'Phusion' by ppphantasm. Rating: 4