Oh Noez! I Iz Be Punctured!

Review by thunderleaf on Tuesday, February 1st 2011
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punctured is a game created by duder1


Meh, it looks like one of those mediocre games that got featured from one of the newer editors.


Punctured was really boring. Seriously, no offense, but it really was. It had the very minimum of the standards of a featured game. Also, there was nothing new. I mean, what's the point of featuring a game that we all know how to beat?

The gameplay was below average. It had length, a ton of enemies, a (bad) opening puzzle, and average scenery. The opening puzzle was as easy as counting from 1 to 2; all you had to do was move up. (UGH! IT'S SOOOO HARD TO MOVE MY 'LIL PURPLE SHIP UP!) Also, there very few puzzles, and the puzzles were simple, proving that there was barely any thought put into this game.

So to wrap it all up, Punctured is a boring game with barely any challenge. Please un-feature this.

Note to Duder1: I'm not saying your games are bad, I'm just saying Punctured shouldn't be featured.


Challenge: __.7/____

Comment: It did have some challenge, but not that much.

Fun: 0.5/_____

Comment: None

Addictiveness: __/_____

Comment: None

Overall: __.897/_____

punctured Reviewed by thunderleaf on Tuesday, February 1st 2011. Oh Noez! I Iz Be Punctured! - A game review written by thunderleaf for the game 'punctured' by duder1. Rating: 2