Inside a Walkie Talkie

By tobystratus8 :: Wednesday January 16th, 2013

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Story... The event happened on 16 March 1992. Once you had moved house, you found this object. It was a walkie talkie. You found out this fact that got you going. Instead of dialling, you could speak through it, and someone would respond! But something bad happened. Instead, it took you inside the walkie talkie. Now you realize, they created these walkie talkies to trick you into dying. That was how you got here. Now one question. Do this challenge and live, or let us kill you?; This storyline has any slight spelling mistakes fixed. I am proud, and I have been working on this game for nearly a week. So if you like this game lots, don't forget to vote 5 stars and nominate if it deserves it.


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