Lab Rats

By tommy123 :: Thursday January 10th, 2013

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Who are you? You're just a normal teenager going to sleep for school the next day. Your name is Tommy. As you open your eyes to this bright, white room, you think of what happened the night before. Your mother was telling you and your brothers to go to sleep sometime around 11:00 PM for school the next day. Quietly you went to your room and laid down on your comfy bed. As you slowly close your eyes, you hear the creaking noise of your door opening. You frantically try to open your eyes as you feel a sharp pain go through your arm, but the pain slowly dims and you fall into a forced sleep. So here you are, laying down on this cold, white floor, in some state of shock. Why are you here? I don't know. You're thinking in your head, "I must get up, I have to do something." You slowly sit up. Curiously, you look around the room. You see your 2 brothers, staring seemingly right past you. Their eyes, full of terror. You go to speak to them, but the words don't come out. As you stare at them, a loud voice is heard across the whole room. You listen carefully as the mysterious man says, "Welcome, test subjects 152, 153, and 154. You have been injected with a little disk that can force you into a deep sleep anytime I want it to. If you fail to complete my task, you will fall sleep and will try again. If you do manage to complete my task, you will be forced to sleep again, and a new playing field will be set up. Complete all 7 of my playing fields for my tests, and you will awake in your home. Now go to sleep." Sound fades and your vision becomes blurred as those last words are said. You fall asleep.


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