Diamond Heist 2

By tookewl :: Tuesday February 19th, 2008

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Finally! Here is the SEQUEL to my very first adventure/action smash hit, ' Diamond Heist'. Part two has the same concept: weave through obstacles and defeat enemies protecting the precious crystals ( 2 more than last time) you're collecting. But here is where I venture into the unknown. 1st thing: Diamond Heist 2 is bigger. MUCH bigger than Part 1, so exploring is a MUST in this game. Remember, go through different paths if your having trouble with one! You might find it much easier from a different angle..... 2nd thing: this game will make you a) shoot b) look, and c) think. The new part? c) wasn't apart of the first Diamond Heist. I made sure it got it's 15 minutes of fame in this part. 3rd thing? Oh yeah: This game is still brutal. But still VERY POSSIBLE! :D So enjoy this part, for I think I have improved upon everything that was in part 1, and introduced new things that make it better. later! And have fun!


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