By tookewl :: Friday August 15th, 2008

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It's been a long journey for you. You've played "Diamond Heist", "Diamond Heist 2", and "Contra", not feeling a bit of pain. Then you played the megawatt "Escapee", thought it was ok, tried "Escapee 2", thought the same. Maybe you even got tuff and tried "Lite". Then you had a little fun with "Fun Wars". Maybe you chuckled at "Mcdonald's I'm killing it" and "Street Fight". Then you experienced what you didn't with "Escapee: Cut Puzzles". Or maybe strained your way through "10 rooms." Did you have a heart attack with "Endurance"? Maybe "Clip Tutorial" armored you up for "Clip." "Kill Phil" brought the beat back into your heart. Then "Escapee: Special Edition" made you look at the original "Escapee" in a whole different light. Then you got a taste of what I had to go through with "Boot Splode Camp". And then we all agreed on the greatest art game ever, "My Art Game". It's been a terrific quest, but now, you're at your final destination. What you make of it is up to you. This my friend, is "Duck".


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