If There Was Ever A Game That Could Literally Kill Boners, This Is It.

Review by tookewl on Tuesday, December 28th 2010
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the snek mission 1 is a game created by shipmaster99

Should I have to write a review for this when you could take a wild guess from the title? When the game maker doesn't know how to spell 'sneak', the question isn't 'how bad is the game', it's 'how dumb am I for playing this'.

This is one of the blandest and just plain boring platformers I've ever played, easily giving Custer's Revenge a run for it's money, and that had naked pixels to help gamers get through the pain. That even provided an excuse for some kind of story. The story of this game? IDK it never told me. But I think I prefer it that way, since any kind of explanation for what I'm doing would be littered with spelling and grammar mistakes.

There was no scenery here. Nothing but stair switches and hallways that lead to the next switch or hallway, and pointless running in between. Every sequence has been done before and done better. Every puzzle as been done before, and done better. There were even sequences I had no idea why they were made into the game, as they lacked any kind of challenge whatsoever except the one in my head telling myself to click the red X in the corner. Precisely a minute later of further gameplay, my head was telling me to shoot myself. I might actually go insane if I try and finish this game.

The 1 in the title suggests there will be sequels.


Maybe in the text shipmaster99 should give you tips on how to kill yourself with a piece of rope and a chair. Game would get more views.

Score: 1/4


the snek mission 1 Reviewed by tookewl on Tuesday, December 28th 2010. If There Was Ever A Game That Could Literally Kill Boners, This Is It. - A game review written by tookewl for the game 'the snek mission 1' by shipmaster99. Rating: 1.5