Total Wipeout Series 2 Qualifier

By totalwipeout24601 :: Friday February 26th, 2010

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Welcome to Series 2 of Total Wipeout! We will start with a *NEW* obstacle, the Hurtle Turtles. Jump across these incredibly bouncy turtles while avoiding the mud (sand). Then we have the *NEW* and improved Sucker Punch! It's even harder than before! You will now have to JUMP to avoid these deadly blocks, and if you don't, you fall into the mud! Then it's the no less legendary Big Balls. Not different AT ALL! But then, we finish with another *NEW* obstacle, the Bubble Bath. Jump off of the slippery platform and hope to goodness that you will land on the crumbling bricks and fall into the bubble bath, where you will collect your crystal! If you MISS the platform however, you will have to jump up to the bubble bath with the logs. Good Luck!


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