House of Horror 2

By treejog80 :: Saturday November 2nd, 2019

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House of Horror 2 v999.99 (The Finalestest Update) released 2nd November 2019. (v999 13.8.19) •Removed Halloween costumes indefinitely. •Removed bad design choices. Now you can cool down (but probably by only 1 degree). •Nerfed levels 5, 6 and 8. I didn’t actually playtest the later levels at first. •On the other hand, I (might) have buffed levels 3 and 4. •The boss (spoiler alert (hehe)) is now an actual boss compared to holding D/right for some 10 seconds. •The [REDACTED] is now much more [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. •ANYBODY WHO SAYS THE GAME IS TOO HARD GETS A SLAP IN THE FACE WITH A ZOMBIE TONGUE. (v999.9 14.8.19) •Buffed (and fixed) the boss. •Removed another bad design choice that I forgot to remove in v999. •Fixed some other things that don't matter and I'm probably running out of description spa (v.999.99 2.11.19) •Fixed Level 4's spawn. •Fixed yet another bad design choice I forgot to remove in v999.9. •Small graphical improvements. •Decreased Level 5 time limit from 90 to 75. Try the new House of Horror MAKER!


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