Goodbye Horses

By tritertitan :: Thursday July 13th, 2017

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An EGD 11 Thriller/platformer shooter entry by Tritertitan.__________________________________ Story: A killer is on the loose. Jeff the skinner, a vicious animal killer is slaughtering animals all across California, and leaving their remains in different places, terrifying many people. Meanwhile, Ben Rovver, a 19 year old police officer/FBI agent is sent to a recently discovered alternate dimension called the Land of Dreams and Nightmares, which is rumored to store information on all the sins stated in the bible. This zone may provide clues to Jeff's whereabouts. Ben will try to survive the dangerous nature of the dreamzone, while also meeting an unlikely ally to guide him through his way. Will this story end in justice, or blood?_________ ______________________________To complete each level, you must collect each green eye to remove an invisible barrier blocking the end point. Once you grab all of the green eyes, you will be able to hit the sign or endpoint, scoring the last point to complete the level.


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