By troyio :: Friday November 16th, 2012

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Thomas Cornell was born a fighter. Abandoned by his parents, a loving scientist found him outside his home. The scientist, Louis Anderson, took Thomas everywhere including the lab in which he worked on military weapons. This grasped Thomas's attention and he enlisted in the Marines once he turned 18. He was a natural soldier as he took down men left and right. He grew tired of killing though and was allowed to leave. Thomas tried to start a normal life but shortly into it, he wakes up in a lab as mysterious doctors attempt to inject unknown items into him. What do they want? What does he know that they want to find out? His brain is ready to fight back with a Super Neuron. Take the antibodies out and figure out what they want! *Level One was deleted due to reoccurring glitch, replaced by story level in level 9. No game play levels altered.*


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