The Melancholy Diaries

By troyio :: Sunday September 2nd, 2012

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The townspeople always spoke of how nothing was perfect other than the almighty God. This is why I never understood of how they treated my mother and I as they did. I was born without sight so many things being done around me went unknown. The people told they took my mother away to cleanse her blood and I soon, would follow in her footsteps. Chains were around my wrist and ankles for as long as I could remember. Mush and rainwater leaking through the ceiling is the only thing I lived by. Years went by without talking to anyone but that didn't mean I was not of smarts. I knew that they had murdered my mother. The ignorance of those monsters. They will never understand me beneath my growths. It's alright, I will seek enjoyment in my other reality. The diaries I keep within my brain. There I have friends. Nice friends. Friends that would never betray me. True friends. Friends. But my mind likes to play tricks on me. It converges my struggle of one reality into the one I want to be in. That brain enrages me. It implants hazardous beings in my world and they hurt my friends. My friends yell for me to help them, that they are the real ones. I believe them.


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