The Wind Blows West

By troyio :: Sunday August 18th, 2013

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It's been sick, it's been awful. This is your life, your destiny to be born in. The second age of the Mayan calender (after 2012) never fared well. The nations have launched against war, but never summoned against war. The world started losing trust of one another, the scent of 'you' and 'me' felt alien. Any mixing rested to execution. The world felt apart from each other and the one they were fighting for, eventually were caused by themselves. Yes, the world was plagued by war. You shudder to think your late ancestry were built from the blood of war. You heard from the magicians that we used to be free of tribes. Yes, on the closing of the second Mayan age the tribes have continued to flourish and have been reinstated as normal. Nothing will stop you but yourself from having to reach for Oma, the god of war. You are 14 and you are a boy, so you must. But what is our past, you question, as you get ready to search for him. Was the world's wars caused because of Oma? If all was caused becauseof a god couldn't we think otherwise?! The skies get blanketed under a black cloud. It must be Lira, you mutter. Why isn't Lira stopping war? She is a goddess, so why not? The rain makes its way to your nose. Another summons to your hair. As it does its work, reaching the stage of playing its constant tune of patters, you wonder whether it is fair to blame it on the gods. You don't know. Is there another person out there? Is there a cause? "What should I do?" you growl as simultaneous to the thunder. It's over is it? This was a collab moved to my account. Vpop, Dudki, EpicO, FadingEmber, and Mshaafay helped a lot with this game. This game was made in the Trials II competition in under three days.


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