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Review by troyio on Wednesday, December 25th 2013
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Present Pests. is a game created by thunderboom

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s ya boy Troyio trying to cram a review in before the big night! I was planning to review a bunch of games in the giving spirit but I ran out of time. I’ll give them some attention later on. For now, I am reviewing Present Pests. by thunderboom who is also gamekid.


I’m going to treat this game like any other but I may lighten up since you’re supposed to be nice this time of year. I don’t believe I’ve played any of gamekid’s other games but I have noticed him being successful on the forums. I presume he has the head on his shoulders to create a Christmas game that is also a decent play. Present Pests. is a Physics Puzzle Maker game and the thumbnail looks quite colorful with solid graphics. With all this in mind and the holiday spirit in the air, let’s play the game.


If you’re planning to create a theme game for a holiday or event, I highly recommend you to include awesome scenery and graphics fitting accordingly. Gamekid did this and I instantly liked the game. He didn’t overdo the atmosphere and the numerous graphics were quite refreshing. I’m just glad it wasn’t a cheesefest making my gonads hurt from corniness. I appreciate that gamekid.

So we’ve established this game has brought us a nice atmosphere that fits the time of year perfectly. But let’s remember this is a game and not a screensaver. Gamekid’s initial instructions were bland and left the game player a little confused in the beginning levels. But if you have an ounce of game knowledge within your head you figure it out quickly. The objective of the game is to keep the elf assembly line moving without t-boning other boxes or getting in the way. I do not think elves have any other working potential so I caution you that if you mess up you could ruin an elf’s entire livelihood. He has kids and a wife and it’s a tough economy out there. This isn’t a game.

I assumed in the Christmas spirits gamekid would at least gift the world a few easy levels but I guess he doesn’t want to be Santa this year. The difficulty curve was iffy and frustrating at times. The click and throw doesn’t work very well on a laptop so maybe I’ll just ask St. Nick for a mouse for Christmas. I would’ve liked maybe some easier levels to start off the game and ease into the concept. Gamekid didn’t do terrible in this department; there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The variety in Present Pests. is quite low. Every level is arguably the same with slight twists included on separate stages. I didn’t make it extremely far into this game so I may have missed some areas. A mini game or alternate concept would have done wonders for this game and made much more enjoyable. At that, the original concept was still successful in bringing a fun but somewhat annoying gameplay. [Insert corny pun or joke like Matty]. [Insert mentally disabled terminology to describe what I sounded like playing this like Matty]. Okay, make me best reviewer ever now.

The last area I’d like to review upon is the structure of the levels. Gamekid obviously was going to base the entire game around throwing gifts into the bags. Of course this would be boring if he didn’t include twists. Present Pests. has above average structure as gamekid did throw in some neat items and obstacles to increase difficulty and fun. Well done.

Finally, gamekid, or if you prefer thunderboom, put out a well made game with the theme of Christmas. The scenery perfectly captures the snowy and bright feeling of the holidays. There was well made graphics with a fun playing concept. The difficulty wasn’t favorable but his ability to add neat twists allowed the gameplayer to have fun. I enjoyed this game.


Creativity: 8/10 (Good concept)

Effort: 6.5/10 (Well thought out game for a Christmas themed one)

Gameplay: 6.5/10 (Fun concept with meh difficulty)

Scenery: 8.5/10 (I loved the theme and graphics_

Fun: 7/10 (Pretty enjoyable game)

Overall: 36/50

Feature Worthy? This isn’t a feature worthy game but a well made theme game. It’s just not on that level but a good game nonetheless.


I’d like to thank gamekid for making a good Christmas game for the holidays. I think it’s a good tradition here to have some great games released this time of year. Also, I wanted to review these games but I didn’t find time. So go out and play The Cross of Death or Life by mario531 and Focus ball by mjduniverse. But most importantly, have fun during the holidays and be appreciative for what you have. No matter what religion, race, nationality, or any difference that has separated people in the past, try and take this joyful time to learn to be a better person and love those around you. Also, make sure to ask for a Bulls snapback so you get some swag.


Present Pests. Reviewed by troyio on Wednesday, December 25th 2013. The Story Behind Your EZ Bake Oven - A game review written by troyio for the game 'Present Pests.' by thunderboom. Rating: 4