Puzzle-puzzle-puzzle-puzzle! And Also Attractive And Addictive!

Review by tudorsavaki on Sunday, August 15th 2010
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X is a game created by elroysice

Tudorsavaki Review #4

X is a game made by elroysice.

Some people underrate him, while the other gamers say it's awesome. Which one is true?

Elroysice promised us lots of action if you pass the puzzles of the beginning. Is this true?

The first two crystals you encounter are blocked by shields... You bomb them and collapse, than you teleport again... through the other teleporter? Is that a wise decision? Well, there is a big chance you'll get stuck there.

In this game, you will discover several lag-points of the game, a c(h)opter flying and bombing you, a bug(meister) that will also fly even if you are outside the playfield, red and yellow keys and spiders and some mud or hot-poly that multiplied can eat all of your healthpoints. I don't get what's with the allied turrets and cannons in the north extremity... Maybe for BugMeister who's chasing you? A mistery of this game...

There is also a message Elroysice wants to tell us, but I won't spoil the fun for you!



Enemy placement: _______/___



(-2 points for the multiple cannons that lag)



8.40 from me, it could have been better without that moment when you (can) get stuck!


X Reviewed by tudorsavaki on Sunday, August 15th 2010. Puzzle-puzzle-puzzle-puzzle! And Also Attractive And Addictive! - A game review written by tudorsavaki for the game 'X' by elroysice. Rating: 5