The Zero Project - Escape (is) Awesome Madness

Review by tudorsavaki on Friday, September 3rd 2010
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The Zero Project - Escape is a game created by paradon

Tudorsavaki Review #24


Well, Paradon wrote something interesting in the description of The Zero Project - Escape:

"They cornered you in your house from four different ways, trying to capture you. But somehow, you fought through all of the warriors sent there. You picked up some rock, and alarms suddenly went off. Guards piled into the room, and dragged you here. Prison. But why? Why have they done all of this? They, of course, know, but always reply "You know why you're here". If only there was a way to escape this prison. If only there was a way to find answers."

This is the storyline of The Zero Project - Escape.

What can I say is that the prison has a very nice design...

At one point in the game, you have to make a choice... But better I won't spoil all the fun for you...

I can say that in fact the whole game is a huge puzzle, but this description would be unfair and incomplete without mentioning the action that will overwhelm you...

Just check this game out, I'm sure you'll all like it if you try to play this cool The Zero Project - Escape.


Addictiveness: __________
Action: __________
Map: __________
Health & Weapons:_________/_
Puzzles: __________
Fun: __________

Overall: 9.75

The Zero Project - Escape is one of the best shooter games on Sploder!

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