Dreamkeeper 2 By Zas04

Review by tudorsavaki on Saturday, September 4th 2010
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Dreamkeeper 2 is a game created by zas04

Tudorsavaki Review #26

Zas04's description

You are singing "Dreamkeeper, Dreamkeeper, dreamkeeper, dreamkeeper..." and then you hear a noise. The noise was from above. Not from Planet Earth. From planet Zenon. If you escape, you get to go through the portal back to your home planet. If not, you either die or continue to suffer in Dreamkeeper 2 land.


It seems interesting with that nitro-start. In fact, it is extremely hard, it's hard to kill the Mogura, but it is possible, you must avoid the repellers, magnets and nitro-trap.

But this game is possible.

The map is not really a masterpiece. The puzzles are the result of a great work, but the map isn't. I'm not referring to the size of the map, but the detail. Putting that many bonuses near the allies doesn't look very professional. There are also some simmetry problems.


Addictiveness: _________/_
Action: ________/__
Enemy placement: ________/__
Map: ________/__
Puzzles: ________/__
Health & Weapons:_______/___

Overall: ________/__

Conclusion: 8/10, a very good robot game.

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Dreamkeeper 2 Reviewed by tudorsavaki on Saturday, September 4th 2010. Dreamkeeper 2 By Zas04 - A game review written by tudorsavaki for the game 'Dreamkeeper 2' by zas04. Rating: 5