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Review by tudorsavaki on Saturday, September 25th 2010
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Teched: Awakened is a game created by teched

Tudorsavaki Review #43

Teched: Awakened

I can't believe I waited so long to review this game! Teched: Awakened is awesome!

The user who created this game, Teched, is related to Paradon. I think teched is Paradon's alt, but he may be Paradon's brother etc. This is one of the games he asked me to review as a prize for a game contest I hosted on Sploder forum.

IMPORTANT: Teched: Awakened was published on Saturday November 14th, 2009. This means there aren't any elements from the shooter update released this summer.


First try I was glitched because I wasn't fast enough to use the invisiblity bonus properly. You must kill the blue spider fast otherwise you will remain blocked into a chain of moves.

Second try: Amazing! That's what can I say about the feelings I am experiencing at this particular moment! The game is awesome! It takes to surprising places and the enemy placement is so Cool!

You have to collect 22 crystals!

The map is amazing, it is very good.









Addictiveness: ________/__
Action: _________/_
Enemy placement: ___________
Map: ___________
Health & Weapons:_________/_
Lag: _________/_
Fun: _________/_

Overall: 9.27


This is part of the "Oldies, but Goldies"!