2nd Prize Of Chowder119's Contest

Review by tudorsavaki on Wednesday, October 13th 2010
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Skywalker is a game created by zas04

Tudorsavaki Review #47

Skywalker... This reminds me of Star Wars!

Actually, you shouldn't trust Zas04 when he tells you that you lost the game. Test yourself to see if you really don't have anything left to do in the game to advance.

The game is easy when you use the radar, you can see the wonderful maze where you have to find the crystals, the supplies and the flags.

I rate this game 9 at the puzzles aspect because the small ally trick is old, and the hot-polygon-labyrinth is predictable and it's not so big.

Also, you must keep your ally alive, you might need it when you encounter 4 mortars... Or those 4 mortars spot you.

More than this would spoil Skywalker for you, so just play this game to enjoy the surprises Skywalker keeps for you!


Addictiveness: _________/_
Action: _________/_
Enemy placement: _________/_
Map: _________/_
Puzzles: _________/_
Health & Weapons:_________/_
Fun: _________/_

Overall: _________/_

Skywalker gets a 9!


Skywalker Reviewed by tudorsavaki on Wednesday, October 13th 2010. 2nd Prize Of Chowder119's Contest - A game review written by tudorsavaki for the game 'Skywalker' by zas04. Rating: 5