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Review by tudorsavaki on Thursday, December 23rd 2010
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Hell Storm is a game created by pluton

Tudorsavaki Review #78

Hell Storm

Time beated: 8:43


Hell Storm is a game made by Pluton 3 months ago, when I didn't have enough time to make reviews.

Pluton makes very good games, let's see if Hell Storm is epic!

The Actual Review - 6 Paragraphs

1. This Game is EPIC! It's so addictive that I dreamed that I'm winning it! It took me two days of retries to accomplish the mission! This is why I rate this game 10/10 concerning its addictiveness!

2. The story with the Emperor is not covincing me, neither the fact that you escape from the hell ten years after your death. But the game is funny and it has a lot of action, and the puzzles are original, almost every element of the platformer-creator is used! (This game was created before the update, so it has no jeeps, robots or anything). The "Creativity" of this game is rated 7/10.

3. The enemy placement is very good... I had to figure out how to kill the first thor, the snarley, the second thor and "Kykuchyo", the final guardian! And avoiding or defeating all these enemies is a complex task!

4. Health bonuses are wisely placed in the game so you can continue and survive in the middle of the hotblocks and ice-spikes! The weapons are hidden pretty well in the maze!

5. The puzzles are excellent as quality, the only annoying thing about them was the sand-blocks-barrier at the green key. That requires patience... Or maybe use the mines if you are skilled!

6. I like the way the player discovers the game! The rhythm is alert, you have to run before the bats destroy the upper level and before the hotblocks burn all your health points! But after the initial run, you discover that before the arrival to the escape pod, you must have three keys and you only have one! So you must go back... That's funny! But it gives you a lot of satisfaction to finally complete the game!


Action: __________
Addictiveness: __________
Creativity: _______/___
Enemy placement:_________/_
Fun: _________/_
Health: _________/_
Lag: ______/____
Map: __________
Puzzles: __________
Weapons: _________/_

Overall: 8.70 for this game!

Awesome game! Play Hell Storm!

Conclusion: EPIC!