The Soldier Of Who?

Review by tudorsavaki on Saturday, February 5th 2011
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The Soldier is a game created by staylor21fan

Tudorsavaki Review #83

The Soldier

Staylor21fan made a new platformer game: "The Soldier". What's the story of it? Collect 5 crystals in order to complete the game.


This is going to be a good game! Staylor21fan's recent games are good! I reviewed "Fatality" last year and I was impressed (Tudorsavaki Review #69).

The Beginning

You fall like a rock in a trap. But there was something in the fall I could use to hang myself and jump on another platform.


I avoid the trap, but than I misuse my blue-glove and the game is blocked... At least I collected one crystal!

Second Restart

I fall into the trap again, and I realise I must be more careful if I don't want to lose the time. Finally I arrive at the place where "General Puppy" gives me reinforcements and advice. I die again in another trap. Than I restart over and die after fighting in a robotic armor in front of a group of Kykuchyo-fighters. Next job: avoid the K-fighters and melt the ice-blocks to collect the final crystal! How do you do that? You'll figure it out!

The final puzzle of the game is great.

Explaining the ratings

It's an addictive game (9/10), it's a funny game (9/10), it's a bit laggy (8/10) and the lack of weapons makes The Soldier a hard game. Best part of this game is the puzzle-trap combination.


Addictiveness: _________/_
Action: _________/_
Enemy placement: _________/_
Map: _________/_
Puzzles: ___________
Health & Weapons:________/__
Lag: ________/__
Fun: _________/_

Overall: 9.00

Good job, Staylor21fan, but it could have been better if it actually had a real story and if it were longer!

Another thing that annoyed me was the lack of background lights, in moments when I needed the shield to protect myself from the enemies, I couldn't see a thing and had to switch on the torch and get punched by the bad guys!