[RR] Abit Of Twist Around Those Blocks...

Review by tumeke on Sunday, May 29th 2011
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Puzzle Blocks Inc. is a game created by masenko

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Now you're all probably wondering what I'm doing wandering around reviewing my friends' games when I belong to a review company. Well first of all; Masenko is a a good friend and on sploder and even better IRL. Second of all; I made a promise that I would review a game of Masenkos' that got featured, so here you go, buddy.


Now, you'll all probably know how awesome Masenkos' shooters are? Well then you have no idea how good this was. I know it was easy and everyone thought it was disappointing and all but if look at the workmanship in this game then you'll know that Masenko was really in control of his game-making skills in this game. The placement was unpicible as most of you already know because the pieces fit and there was only one defined way to complete each level.

The name of this I know was a little hard to decide, he had gotten the idea from the an ipod game called "Un-block me". I had suggested that he tried that but he said no so here we have it.

I suppose that I have said all the good things but sadly, now I have to say a few bad things about the game. That is always hard to do. Anyway the first problem I noticed is that there's no traps. None at all. I know you might fool yourself in the of some of the blocks but that is a puzzle, not a trap. The colours were alright but not my thing. However, I'm not going to take huge offences at Masenko for having slightly off colour. I might take off points for the difficulty though.

Health Placement:

Well I can't argue much here. There was none. The best choice of the game I would say. No traps and most certainly no action so therefore you do not need health. Simple. Well done on that choice Masenko. Puzzle Blocks Inc. is turning out all the better when I look at it.

Enemy and Hazard Placement:

None. I'm almost laughing at why I made this section. Of coarse you've got your puzzles, but when you look at it in the eye; Where are the the enemies? Well it doesn't matter too much because I can focus on other things more clearly later. Anyway, I'm sorry you'll be attracting low scores for this area.

Block Placement

You just guess by the name: Puzzle Blocks Inc. Why should I explain? Because I can. Anyway the placement was good, really good. The way you had to move the blocks made it all the more fascinating. A good job is done this area with colours aswell. I know I said that the colours were a bit drab and scuffed, but they fit the enviroment. Infact they could fit almost any enviroment, except a dark one. The colours as I have said glow bright, but nothing is better than puzzles fall into this very catagory.

So on the puzzles... I can't explain it. The game is a puzzle. It just is. And a good puzzle at least. As I moved the blocks I often got myself into sticky positions that were harder to get out of than they were to get into. I can't be bothered typing anymore so I'll just sum this up.


Enemy and hazards: /5

Block placement: ******/5

Health placement: ???/5

Fun/enjoyment: ****/5

Over all score: 3.5/5 - Good work Masenko, a little more work but well done. Keep it up.

Is this feature worthy: Yes, just. I probably wouldn't have been the one to feature it though, even if I was an editor.


Puzzle Blocks Inc. Reviewed by tumeke on Sunday, May 29th 2011. [RR] Abit Of Twist Around Those Blocks... - A game review written by tumeke for the game 'Puzzle Blocks Inc.' by masenko. Rating: 3