For The 2nd Time

Review by turtlee on Wednesday, April 25th 2012
Click to play Tomb of Solace

Tomb of Solace is a game created by jcaldwell

Well hello there, glad you are reading this. Well this game will be reviewed because it’s pretty fine and it was requested on my review station (and I remember promising that when I have time I’ll review this :P)


I really liked this game , not really the best but it is good because it is well-balanced in all aspects of a game. Fun and delight will be experienced on this game , as every corner there is action (not every but mostly :D).Bottomless action from the fun battles with the mongoloids with those fast jumping and avoiding things. Haste is also included in this game , run before it’s gone I’ll say (refers to switch). There are some dull points , but you’ll just see a few. A tomb of solace where you’ll be comforted from your sorrow it is , because it comprises great action and excitement.

This game featured some tpuzzles. Most has been never seen before , but there are only few. Most puzzles are most likely going to get passed through accidents. What really made me is the traps , the traps are most likely the greatest aspect of the game. One wrong move then boom you lost the game. That’s probably it , the traps are topnotchers. Most are unexpected so expect it. I really like the mechanism of traps here esp. the use of cl0sers (on the level 2) and yeah I also liked the orange switch trapzle (a puzzle and trap xD).

I loved how the things were placed but what I hate is those poorly placed enemies , could have been better though. The spammed Mongols and the turrets are a downer. This could have been better though. Two Mongols in one placed and a number of turrets in the two sides of the ladder. The power-ups are well placed , and none are missing but the enemy made this wrong.

The scenery was rather interesting than great, because it resembles an ideal mausoleum. Err , yeah the pretty background and the nice tiles used. Bazum , although it really looked historical the turrets ruined it XD. The statues and other background objects are nicely placed; it’s pretty cool and suits the whole idea of a tomb. The statues look like the guardian of the tomb. Bitterly, there could be more additions in my opinion, I think it lacks something in the scenry part..

So this portion will be the other little aspects. Lag? No , there wasn’t which makes the player play the game more better. It is probably because each level is pretty small (2-3 mins to explore). Difficulty? You’ll come in points that you may die so yeah it’s a bit difficult , I only got to the 2nd level and got unlucky on the luck part.


All I can say is this game is a truly must-play and probably worthy of a feature because the game shows enduring creativity until the end , with the downsides the pro’s is still on hold. I really loved this game and I hope you keep it up Jcaldwell!

Overall - ____/_____: