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Review by turtlee on Sunday, May 13th 2012
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Trials of the Assassin is a game created by jcaldwell

Trials of the Assassin by Jcaldwell (Platformer Game)

Hello there , I’m an assassin. Shh.. don’t tell. Anyway , I recommend you to try out this trials. Just cross your fingers and hope that you don’t fail. So Jcaldwell , the master planner of this trials is also a great creator of the shooter creator and you’ll probably love his other games.


Well as you can see I’m reviewing this because I’m mind-blown by this game. The classic-like gameplay tells me that I should review this game. Anyway let’s begin. As I am reading the description , he said that this is a remake of an old classic. So that means that this will be a classic-like game? It might be good because it’s an remake of an old classic called Test of a True Ninja by Splatter, let’s find out.


In the beginning you’ll explode , with those barrels surrounding you there’s a large chance you’ll die. Well after you escaped that room of death.. challenges awaits , some couple of tests which will test your ninja skills to the ultimate level! Some include dodging things , probably most because that’s the purpose of an assassin ,to be hidden without being detected. This is probably one challenging game , only the creator of the trial itself finished the test. I really liked how the game works , I must say this is one classic game even though it’s a remake.

The first aspect usually on the reviews , Gameplay. Basically you’ll have to avoid obstacles , be fast… well the game works on how the assassins interacts with things. You’ll probably experience a real assassin test. Being quick and how you react with things is the two skills recommended on being an assassin and the same as well as this test. On the first part , you’ll have to escape the cage of barrels then the test begins starting with being stealthy and evading objects and so on and forth. The game was short , but a challenging one.. it could be addicting once you get the mechanism. But what I could say about the gameplay is that this game is great , great that he re-used the classic’s game’s style in a more brilliant and creative way.

The placements , it was perfect. There are no flaws I could see , like I said it was perfect. Pretty much , everything worked out in this aspect. I love how the traps worked because of the nice placing , one wrong move then you’ll be toasted or get trapped , Nice job here.

Simplicity, that’s one word I could say in the scenery. He didn’t use that much decoration but still it’s pretty nice and eye-catching. We won’t see anything too bright or to dim but we could at least see a nice environment , Imagine an old grey building with a wooden background then outside there’s a garden of grasses. I liked the placement of the statues in the first parts , I mean they look like their watching you so if you touch the wall they’ll trap you. And lastly I loved the chosen tile , it’s matching with their grey and vague personality because they are always undected. Anyway I could say that I really loved the simplicity , not too complex and it really matched the title. I think that he could have added some bits though in some portions.


Gameplay- 4.8/5 - Could have been longer , but I loved it.

Traps- 4/5 - The last two parts are disappointing , it wasn’t so great as the other portions.

Scenery- 4.5/5 - Simple although could have been better in some regions.

Placement- 5/5 - I sincerely loved it , there is nothing wrong.

Overall- ____.5/_____:


This is another great game crafted from jcaldwell’s mouse. It has an amazing gameplay and it offers you some neat assassin tests. Go and play this game , hope you won’t get frustrated if you failed on the first part..

After making the review , Turtlee became an assassin


Trials of the Assassin Reviewed by turtlee on Sunday, May 13th 2012. Yo.. I'm An Assassin! - A game review written by turtlee for the game 'Trials of the Assassin' by jcaldwell. Rating: 5