The Story Of Tvnetworkgirl

By tvnetworkgirl :: Monday March 24th, 2014

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The Story Of Tvnetworkgirl. Chapter 1. My first Account, Toadettegirl. I found sploder 2 years ago. I found it when I was looking for online ipad games? For some reason sploder popped up and I saw the phrase (Where games come true) And it seemed awesome! A few days later I tried it out. I LOVED IT but was confused on the Physics Creator... So when I FIRST tried to make a Physics game. It was so hard and confusing lol. But I got the hang out of it and made my FIRST GAME ever called (Mario Space Adventure) Which was pretty good but kinda hard.... Then I made a sequel called (Mario Space Adventure) hard and not easy to control your character. My third game was Kirby gem. Kirby gem was my favorite back then. It was about Kirby eating gems I guess lol.. Then I made a game everyone knows. A Play the Ipod game which got A LOT of views. Then I started the series. (My World girl version) There was supposed to be a boy version but never made it. Its a life game ya know. You get a job, go to school, that sort of thing. That was a hit for me XD. But ended it at part 4. Its a pretty fun game but I could of done better. Before part 3 in the my world series. I made my first intro! It's okay... I can make better ones now. I like to make game series so I started to make more. There were Back to School Gamez, Cooking Gamez, Winter Gamez. Then got bored of it So I made a show! (I guess Sploder News Show wasn't my first show ever..) called The Minion Show. A cartoon comedy XD. About the minions (from despicable me) It was pretty successful and people liked it. I had to admit I made some pretty random games. But when I made the minion show I started to make more serious games. My most awesomest games ever were. Awesome Epic Drawing game. Awesome Epic Sploder city (super epic), Fun Disney Quiz, Fun Basketball Quiz, Fun Dreamworks Quiz, How to draw a minion step by step (not the best but won a contest), Epic Penguin Rush, and Fun Pixar Quiz. Yup I love them! My last series was a anime series. Only one boy lol sorry XD. And it was pretty cool. The series was called Animes By ME toadettegirl series. My favorite game probably was the number one hit (lol) Lucy Stuck in Stacker! Yes it was me who got stuck in a stacker machine! Very funny and fun game. My last game was 3D Epic pacman game DEMO. My first friend was Kijan20 (now is thegraphicmaker, P.S epic graphics) then Flowersarepretty (amazing artist) I chose the name toadettegirl because I love toadette and she is adorable. Toadette is a mario character btw. Then something BAD happened. Flowersarepretty made a minion graphic. And it won the contest. Sadyoshi said. You did not make this, I looked at your graphics. (it was private). I said. She privated it dude.. Then she got all mad at me. She told the mods..? On the forums. And it said that I SAID I said a bad word. (not telling which one) I DID NOT. I got banned! no warnings! JUST BANNED. It was so dumb.. When I was unbanned me and sadyoshi made up somehow. But when the fight was on. Sadyoshi made an alt called princessmearkat1. And made a killing game about me. More little facts. I made 2 groups. Mario Fan and Advertise your game. My close friends were Kijan20, Flowersarepretty, Stuntman4, Scorpiolove86, Dolphin72, Creepz, Sadyoshi (after fight), and Orangepop. That is it! I found sploder while looking for online ipad games. I made my first game Mario Space Adventure. I made my first show The Minion Show. I made a ton of series and fun games like Awesome Epic Drawing game and Awesome Epic Sploder City. My first friend was Kijan20 now thegraphicmaker and Flowersarepretty. I got into a fight with Sadyoshi and got banned for 2 weeks. My last game was 3D Epic Pacman Game DEMO. Chapter completed. Chapter 2. How Tvnetworkgirl was born. After the fight with Sadyoshi. And after we made up. Life in Sploder was great. Flowersareprety made lots of animes. So as Maiphantomhive. Maiphantomhive was the first one to make animes. Then Flowers. But Maiphantomhive got jealous and made the game Queen of Animes (now erased) which was saying to Flowers to back off that I am the Queen of Animes. I was so mad and sad and I don't know! But not happy. Queen of animes was published by Maiphantomhive. So this is when Tvnetworkgirl was BORN. I was talking to flowersarepretty PRIVATELY. We were just talking ya know. Then I SAID. Hey.. Maybe I should make my own news show. Flowers agreed and even helped me with the designs! Then I made up the name Sploder News Show (SNS). I published my first episode late at night I mean LATE. I made my avatar. And never changed it. I added my profile. And there I was. Tvnetworkgirl. Of course I can't get views in one day. So I went to Queen Of Animes on toadettegirl and said. Guys look at this game it's about THIS game. And posted a link. EEK spam, ACK advertising... But it was worth it. I got SOO many views. People were impressed and said I had a big future in sploder hehe. Flowers and Mai made up. I told her that Flowers did NOT want to make a Sploder Anime series. She wanted to make a SHOW series. A anime show! Then we all were happy happy happy. I made a show called the ADVERTISE SHOW which bleeped so I ended it. I also made commercials!. Then I decided to make MORE Shows. The second show was National Geographic.A educational animal show I HOPEFULLY can do all the animes A to Z DX. After that I made Science Channel, and Weather Channel (thegoldking s idea). I made Sploder's First Customized Calendar. Everything was awesome. I won a contest the first week I joined! Then I made a movie! The movie was called Broken Pieces. NOT DONE YET SADLY. But it was so fun. After that I made my OWN Sploder News CAR! Then made a show called Riddle Wizard. I made more episodes and more episodes. Then I made Sploders First Popularity Chart (not updated much). That was my last game.. JUST KIDDING. I left for 3 months because of boredom and I found a new game Animal Jam which I don't play anymore. When I came back I had more views then when I left. My first episode when I came back was called Sploder News Show E15 About Guest. I made celebrations and a Happy Valentines Day game thing. I THEN mad a NEW show called Sploder Talk Show (STS) FAP is back. Flowersarepretty is back. Which was awesome! At first I wanted to name it Sploder Oprah. Then I made more episodes like I did back then. It was so much fun! I am making a Sploder Newspaper right now. And yeah. Sorry this is kinda unorganized. My alts were sploderhelpguide. A helping account. Glitchmastergirl. a glitch account. Pixelz. A graphic account. Gameuniverse101. Another Game acount. Toadettegirl my first account. My first friend was phantomlord. Then cittyco. My other close friends were.. Flowersarepretty, thegoldking, chocolate88, timerider567, fangdam7920, jacob2001, orangepop, creepz, scorpiolove86, kanduku, magmion, juniortennis, and wetfrodo. My groups. Tvnetworkgirl FANS. Sploder News Show Crew. Riddling Riddlers. Science Geniuses. and Animal Lovers. My Awesomeness is all the way up. I made colletions for all my shows. What inspired me to make a show. Well nothing really. It just came up to my mind. Who is my favorite sploder member. I like Alexrobert. AMAZING games. But yeah besides Alex I like almost everyone XD So that is it! Not many chapters.. I made tvnetworkgirl because my friend Flowersarepretty and Maiphantomhive were in a fight. For some reason I just deided to make a news show about it. I got popular quickly (DUE to advertising DX) I made more episodes them made NEW SHOWS. I quit for 3 months due to boredom and found a new game ANIMAL JAM (AJ) I don't play that game anymore. I made alts also.. My first friend on THIS ACCOUNT was phantomlord then cittyco. Thanks for reading (sorry if it was boring) I guess tvnetworkgirl had a better life then toadettegirl. If you want more facts then tell me in the comments! It will be upstairs or should I say upladder lol. Bye guys! This is tvnetworkgirl AKA Lucy signing out! Link to my first account Toadettegirl's page Link to my first game on toadettegirl My favorite game on toadettegirl My last game (maybe) on toadettegirl Link to my page XD Link to my FIRST game on tvnetworkgirl Link to my favorite member Alexrobert's page P.S EPIC GAMES Bye Hope you enjoyed this (this is a long desription) Ask questions I will answer them BYE! :)


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