Game Collab with Spzattack

By umzybro :: Friday September 11th, 2015

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Guys, this is Spzattack here. This game is telling you about my gaming collab with Umzybro, a very close friend of mine. Gasketball 1 was good, but it didnt get any views. So, we're hoping for Gasketball 2 to get at least 20 views for Gasketball 2. Its gonna be EPIC! (Click with locks, coz there are no locks, and make sure to use Sato, as he is the fastest player.) Please read everything it says on the game, instead of skipping it just to get on the leaderboards. Alright, bye! CONTEST! IF THIS TAKES YOU OVER 1 MIN TO PLAY, AND YOU ACTUALLY READ WHAT IT SAYS, THEN SPZATTACK WILL GIVE YOU A GOLD AWARD. :) Blah.


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