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Review by unovi on Saturday, February 4th 2017
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Bullet Hell Legends is a game created by fuzthehamster

I guess I did have the ability to review again, only I needed the right game to show up. With a name like 'Bullet Hell Legends', it's a hard game for a Touhou fan like me to ignore, even if the creator of the game is one I'm none too familiar with. As the name implies, this game is a take on the colloquially named 'Bullet Hell' genre. It left me interested since it's not an easy type of game to work towards, since the Physics Puzzle creator can only handle so many objects at a time. I was hoping this would be a lot of fun to play through and would be able to challenge me in an honest way. In this review I aim to answer how I think this game stands as a game in general and how it can be better.

I went into this with a mindset that the amount of bullets would be grossly exaggerated, but as I quickly discovered, this was not the case. The issue I have with this immediately is the placement of the bullets and how this fares with the incredibly limited space; some of these bullets are way too fast, making it more of a test of reflexes over actually weaving through bullets. It's a bad thing since they aren't actually difficult to avoid alone, but more often than not this comes off as unfair. One suggestion for this that I think connects and would help eliminate the problems is the inclusion of a hitbox or better usage of the shapes of items and the player.

The controls are fine, pretty strong, even, but often this makes the difficulty of the game reliant on how fast the selected bullets are. Maybe changing the amount of time to survive in would have been a better idea to at least soften the blow, but as it stands I have a hard time finding this as fun as I could since a lot of these deaths are a result of the lack of skilled placements. And as I said earlier, this could also be countered by offering some more room. I get that bullet hells can really test this boundary and give you little space to work with but those usually have more of an idea of how to place enemies and bullets without feeling unfair.

Something else I thought I'd mention is that the idea of having one life for the last level was not a good idea. To make it harder, more bullets could have been added, and this seemed important in this level in particular since it was easy.

That all said, I think the scenery of this game made good use of edited objects and graphics. While not the most consistent (and slightly uncanny in places), they make the experience more charming in that the backgrounds are very simple. It could definitely stand to be brushed up in places but as it is it's definitely a strong point for the game, something I'd have at least gladly chosen over monochromatic squares and backgrounds.

Continuing on the point of simple backgrounds there isn't much to say on any kind of story but the idea of travelling to all these places is certainly not a bad one, especially since the projectiles often match the stages they're in (although I'd be concerned with a disco allowing lethal lasers on what I can only assume was the dance floor).


Gameplay: 4 out of 10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

Scenery: 6 out of 10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Story/Progression: 6 out of 10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Overall Score


5.4 out of 10 _Decent_:

In conclusion, while I do not think this is worthy of a feature, I think it's a game that had a lot of potential and a remake that addresses these issues and rises above them could really be something great. It falters in places where I feel it was unfair out of a lack of care within the game but I can say it definitely functions as a conscious game, so if you're after a Bullet Hell, this one is probably one of the best bets available. I look forward to seeing more from fuzthehamster, since I wasn't familiar with them initially.