The Natives EP.7

By valkyrie1 :: Wednesday November 23rd, 2011

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(John M. Zerrick) Thank you so much...but the base...(Poly) He is in the worst of shape, but the general is gonna make it. (Term) This based is trashed, man...That giant Bot totally rigged my security system...(Sato) You think your bad? LOOK AT MY SHIP! *A tiny explosion poofs from the back* (Cadet) Man...We were fooled so EASILY. (John M. Zerrick) Wait...wait just a second...I know who did this...I know what happened. (Flame) What? (John M. Zerrick) You see, I have been in containment for many years, I was and am able to study the LizardMen. Why do you think they need such huge upgrades? They're weak and stupid creatures...The Lizards themselves anyway...(Kata) Just spit it out point Dexter. (John M. Zerrick) They needed help. With such low IQ the infantry of the army is weak and dumb. Which is why Beef Trolls were enrolled in the army. They are Weaker, Yet smarter. They started the movement to upgrade their pathetic little soldiers. (Term) Actually...I was raised by Beef Trolls. *Everybody else stares in awkwardness* No really. You see, I may be "dumb" to everybody here, but my parents died in a previous war. Led by (rand) Emporer Crizorgakna VII. (Cadet) Hey, I saw something about that. (Term) Where? (Cadet) *Points to entrance sign* (Rand)...Oh hell no...(John M. Zerrick) It appears our worst fears have come to life. Marshall, No Questions, take this map. We need SOMEBODY to go through the Magma Facilities, head past the Hollow Caves, and go to Native Island. (Cadet) Good luck finding that somebody. (John M. Zerrick) That's you. Get going! We'll explain it to you when *cough*if*cough* get back.


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