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By vaxen :: Saturday February 9th, 2013

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make a game More info for the group: Everyone can join! So if you're level 1, you can join! If you can advertise your games only two times per month, it is because I don't want that people join the group only for advertising their games, and it is also to be sure that no one spam too much. Here is infos about the contests that you can participate in the group: You can win awards, graphics, and more stuff you can win soon! By the way, when you win graphics, these graphics are only for the winners, and no one can see them except the winner. And how it works? When someone win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in a contest where the prizes are graphics, I will give to the winner a password only for him/her. And this password will be the tag for the graphics the member has win. And I will keep the passwords on my computer so if someone forgot his password, I will be able to give them again the password. It will also make me sure that I know which passwords are already taken so I can be sure that no one has the same password of someone. The password will be given in private forms (Awards to delete or a P.M on the fourms). And the contest will be about video games. For example, A contest is who has the biggest score in Super Mario Bros (Must be played on a emulator). For the screenshot of the game, if you want to compete for the biggest score, take a screen shot with the emulator and publish that screen shot on (My website). Sorry, you have to make an account. But its free. I can't let guests post pictures because of DO NOT POST INNAPROPRIATE PICTURES OR YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE GROUP AND REPORTED TO MODERATORS. Have fun!


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