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The land of Sploder was peaceful and prosperous. People were seeking their destinies and making Sploder a better place to live. But a darkness emerged when a mysterious man with unusual demonic powers threatened the land. Innocent lives taken, loved ones ripped from one another and killed or converted to the outlaw faction of the Vice. This brought the attention of the High Councilor whom sent armies to defeat the uprising evil. But the Noobs betrayed and overpowered most of their ranks and neared victory. As the Vice made their way to ruling Sploder there was a huge battle with the final armies combined with support of other nations as the last resort to regain control of the kingdom. The Vice were final defeated when the High Councilor unleashed his ultimate powers to suspend the hostile armies and sending them to the realm of Sothvaror to suffer. But the evil was not yet gone for he returned vowing vengeance against all odds.------------------------------------------------------- Level 2: Vaxen: We're nearing the gate and I found traces of dark magic in the air. The Vice must be close. Davidmason: Not only that but I spot lots of barrels ahead. Cody: If I do not recall there was a delivery of gunpowder a week ago and they were reported to be in those barrels so you know what's ahead. Davidmason: Yeah but it's not normal that they're scattered all over the place. Geodesigner: Well obviously we're going to check it out after all it is part of our mission. Gerald: You don't say. ------------------------------------------------------------ Level 3: Geodesigner: Okay so here's the gate and the barrels. What do we do now? Cody: Well we'll have to look around the area for guardian orbs to destroy since they keep it locked. Davidmason: I guess we'll split individually. This area is huge and the barrels seem too hard to move aside. That is for some of them. Gerald: Don't push so hard on that barrel David you might blow them up you never know. Dark magic might set it on fire. Davidmason: Right... Vaxen: Actually Gerald is correct with this one. These barrels were put here on purpose and I see that they will combust and blow up if in hard impact due to a spell cast on them. Geodesigner: Look over there! A noob with a rocket launcher! Noob: Intruders! Cody: We don't have much time! Let's go find those orbs! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Level 4: Davidmason: Cool we're here but the town looks devastated and all the people are gone. Axiadin: Over here! Vaxen: What happened? Axiadin: Everyone magically disappeared! I saw it happen when I just came back from outside town. Also the city hall was destroyed first before the rest. Cody: Which means that the Vice must have hold of the absorbing crystal from the chest and used it's magic to capture the citizens. Vaxen: I have to set the teleporter now. I'll be back guys then we'll be more than prepared to get everyone out of here. Axiadin, keep me company while I work on the power charges. The rest of you look around for signs of the Vice. Axiadin: Just to let you know but the generators are located far from the mainframe. Vaxen: Alright lets go. Gerald: Good luck Vax. Geodesigner: Oh I know now! They're going to power the staff with the crystal so they'll have control over the minds of others. Brute: The staff is not yours to worry about. Gerald: Who are you? Brute: Just a brute. I'm just saving this place from you all so my master can begin his revenge! Geodesigner: Well that's not how you save a town and also we're going to stop you obviously. Davidmason: Wait! We have to find the staff and the crystal before they'll put them together and more trouble happens! Cody: No not right now. First we have to deal with him. He will be too much of a distraction if we run. Brute: So be it. Noobs attack! --------------------------------------------------------------- Level 5: Gerald: By the way where did you find out about the staff and the crystal? Geodesigner: A book about magic in general. I'm not good at it though. Gerald: Cool. Cody: Vaxen how's it going with the charges? Vaxen: I'm done with them. One of the power charges is already in. Now I have to insert the rest of them to the right generators and then we'll be off after we find and rescue everyone. Axiadin: Trouble ahead! The Vice are coming! Davidmason: Great not again. Gerald: Vaxen hurry up you know what to do! Vaxen: Alright everyone fight off the Noobs. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 6: Cody: Finally some rest! Wait why did we just use the teleporter? Everyone else was back there! Vaxen: Axiadin forgot to tell me that one of the Vice involved in the kidnapping said something about teleporting to the Deviant Wasteland before everyone disappeared. So I set coordinates there while we were attacked. Axiadin: Apparently there is a secret base here and they're going to hold the staff and crystal there. Gerald: Is it just me or are the Noobs getting harder. We hardly escaped that attack! Davidmason: No that's just you. Vaxen: I sense the crystal somewhere's close now...I feel it's, it's gone! Geodesigner: I found something Vaxen. Vaxen: Hmmm it''s a sharp tooth. And it seems pretty fresh. Cody: Um that's one huge tooth which means something big is lurking around here. Davidmason: There! Did you see that! Geodesigner: What is it? It doesn't look like any creature I've seen before. Vaxen: Those are Deviants hence the name of this place. They are a species of unknown origin and have been responsible for most of the destruction of cities in Sploder during the past wars against the Vice. They're a separate faction to worry about but right now is the time. This tooth belonged to one of the larger ones so be careful. Gerald: Alright then so we're dealing with both the Vice and the Deviants. Cody: What do we do now? I barely know this place. Vaxen: Luckily Axiadin heard the coordinates of the base during the discussion so we were teleported near it. Davidmason: Good and there a lot of Noobs patrolling ahead. I assume that we are sneaking in and taking the staff and crystal before anything worse happens right. Gerald: Yes we'll start by maneuvering and avoiding being sighted as we near the wall. Then with Vaxen's magic we can get the stuff and free everyone. Cody: What if Vaxen lifted us over the wall? That seems like a good idea. Vaxen: I'm limited on how much I can use magic. Right now I'm out of energy since I couldn't detect the crystal anymore. Davidmason: So Gerald's plan it is but without the magic part. I guess we'll see how this turns out. Vaxen: I have a better idea. You guys wait here. I'll go to the other side then I'll teleport all of you to me when my energy regenerates. -------------------------------------------------------------- Level 7: Geodesigner: That was pretty sick outside with all that green smoke in the air and the ruins. And when I mean sick I mean the bad kind. Axiadin: Shhh! Down there. Noob 1: How long now? I'm getting impatient! Noob 2: Quiet! Just a bit more then we have full power. Master will be so pleased. Gerald: More what? Vaxen: He means more inner energy from the crystal to power the staff. Noob 1: Hurry up! I think I hear something coming this way. Noob 3: Deviants! They're coming! Cody: Oh man that's not good. We have to hurry and risk it before- Deviant: Rooooaaaaarrrrrrr! Geodesigner: Oh no! This is really bad! Vaxen: Bullets and magic won't work but those four drainers will stop it. We have to activate and lure the deviant to them. But be careful, they're called drainers for a reason. Davidmason: Good plan. I hope that everyone captured in the crystal is okay though. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 8: Meanwhile back at Sploder City at the palace, Geoff sets a meeting with some of the councilors. Sto: With the Vice making a comeback it won't be long before they get back on their feet and start another Sploder war. Lordeldar: Squad A has reported a threat. The Vice have hold of the absorbing crystal and are currently located in the Deviant Wasteland. They also spotted a base there. A team Sky Wizards are at Ordale reviving the town. Youngcaliman: The city hall in Ordale was heavily defended. How could they get hold of it? Jammy: They must have disabled the force field somehow. It takes a lot of force to do such thing. Omega: The switches were probably found. Either way we have to act now. If the Vice were able to do that then the rest of Sploder is at stake. Maxliam: I suggest we begin by sending support to the group in the wasteland. Geoff: The Deviants are way too dangerous at the moment. I'm sure the group can handle it. Besides they went that far to handling a problem on their own. Lordeldar: High Councilor we're taking a risk! I'm not willing to lose another squad to them! Geoff: Being one of the most elite of the army, they have gone through a lot worse than most of the others. Sto: There's a message from Squad B. The Vice are invading Silverness Harbor. Ships are being hijacked and destroying the town. Squad C is missing and Squad D-F have been compromised but the remaining squads are active. Jammy: It's beginning. The enemy is regaining strength. Geoff: ...Tell all to stay put until reinforcements arrive. This includes the wizards. I'm afraid he has returned. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 9: Location unknown- Noob 1: His creation is complete! This will rival that of Vaxen's powers. Noob 2: Who again? Noob 1: Just get him prepared. He'll be our secret weapon. Go now and tell the master.


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