Slender Man Dreaded

By vaxen2 :: Friday August 23rd, 2013

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Level 3: Note I: He had to come. It's too late now. I had to go to protect you from him. Please don't go further where I went. You'll end up like me. --------------------------------------------------------------- Level 4: Note II: Destroy the darkness before it consumes you! It must be stopped at all costs! If you destroy it you'll stop the thin man as well. --------------------------------------------------------------- Level 5: Note III: The thin man is taking control. Whatever you do don't get near him! He's the source of the darkness. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Level 6: Note IV: The darkness' weakness is at last found. My strongest light source which are flares seem to destroy them than other light sources in my arsenal. -------------------------------------------------------------- Note V: I tried to fight back but it's no use. The thin man is taking me away. It's up to you now. -------------------------------------------------------------- Note VI: ----------------------------------- Note VII: ...on the...sphere --------------------------------- Level 7: Defeat: The Darkness --------------------------------------------------------------- Level 8: Note VIII: Before you go, forget everything that happened here. I want you to have a better life in the future without ever remembering the horrific things that happened. But always remember that I am always here for you- Father


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