Frosty Tears

By venomkiller :: Saturday December 26th, 2015

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You always thought you were invincible, like nothing could ever harm you. Death to you seemed so... inconceivable. But that's because you had never been to war before, never seen the horrors of the battlefield. As you jumped out of the spy plane, parachute upon your back, hurtling towards the icy war zone of Antarctica, you thought about your friends and family; the people back home who cared about you. If you were to die, they would surely be heartbroken. But all it takes is a bullet to the head to end your life, all it takes is a well timed grenade thrown by the enemy to send you to the next world. Your mission is to secure ally reinforcements, recapture powerful strategic positions upon the ice, but how long can a lone soldier hold out on the icy plains and frosty mountains of the Arctic. You will be finding out now... Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!


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