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Review by vinniepaz1234567 on Saturday, October 23rd 2010
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Royal Pain is a game created by secretism

i usually hate robot games but this don't get me started it was so good hahah got ya. I usually hate these kind of games but this was so hectic, the art was good, very good. Ow the first part i have to say is genius, i don't think i could do that, and i have been on for way longer than secretims, okay back to the main review.

The game wasn't that big but it was really enjoyable, you should play this game man it is so hectic, and the comments agree with me.the enemy placement was very good, it was quite addictive, because of how fun it is, the game is really fun.




-enemy placement


-okay length


well i am sad to say it but, nah just joking, the game is awesome no cons.

Sorry it is so short( the review ).