By vpopsiclev :: Friday September 26th, 2014

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All puzzles are possible. Enjoy! ~ After your wife died of cancer, you are stricken with sadness and depression. You weren't right for months. Until one day, you stumbled across an animal shelter. You adopted a hound. Your heart filled with joy. You took the dog everywhere with you, never letting it go. Then, one day, you walked into the lab with your hound preparing for another day of work. You were trying to find a cure for cancer by experimenting with different bacteria and microorganisms. Then, in the blink of an eye, your elbow hit a beaker full of bacteria. It shattered on the ground, luckily you weren't hit with any infected shards. Unfortunately, the hound took the blow and was now infected with a deadly disease with no cure. You tried your best to delay the sickness, it worked. For now. [2 MONTHS PASSES] Your hound was sick, and had been sick for a while. He had two large tumors inside his head. The doctor said it's no use. While the doctor was preparing to give it anesthesia, you get tears in your eyes. You had to find a way to try and save the sick hound you would think inside your head. So you ran off, back into the lab where this all started. You used a device invented just recently that allowed you to get inside another person's brain. The scientists warned you, but you didn't listen. You use the device and was teleported inside the dog's brain, smaller, weaker, dumber than who you once were. Still, you tried to navigate your way through complex obstacles trying to get to the tumors and remove them. Hopefully, you can save the hound's life, like he did for you. Playing catch in the backyard, just one last time.


Tags: simple

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