The Realm of the Mind

By walrusman :: Sunday September 14th, 2008

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You open your eyes. You cannot describe what you see. You are trapped somewhere. It is most definitely not Earth. All you can remember is going to sleep in bed and waking up here. Then it hits you. You are inside your own head. Trapped in your mind armed with only your wits. In the distance, you can see the four element crystals. You think of a way you could use them to escape, involving a giant laser - and the laser appears before you! You realise that, being in your own mind, anything you think of can appear before you - except for any means of returning to Earth. You must get past the challenges, get the crystals and use them to return home - but beware. Some challenges give you only one chance to prove yourself wrthy. Get even the slightest thing wrong can and will result in your death.


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