Wipeout Qualifier

By whoubea :: Friday November 13th, 2020

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Welcome to ABC´s Wipeout! The first round is The Qualifier! The First Obstacle you´ll face is the Dirty Balls! Cross across the 2 sets of 6, well, balls! Then, It´s onto the Dirty Diving Boards! Bounce across 2 sets of 2 diving boards, and avoid the drink below! Next, It´s the iconic Big Red Balls! With a Treadmill Motivator! Bounce on the 4 balls and get to the other side! Then, Lastly, It´s a swing of faith on the Cookie Cutter Swing! Swing to the platform on the other side and walk through the door and to the crystal. If you fall, there´s a ladder to get up. 12 fastest times move onto The Sweeper!


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