DeLuge .ft superpiggy.

By whtever :: Thursday December 30th, 2010

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~~~{A game made by Whtever in collaboration with Superpiggy for the DYNAMIC DUO Contest}~~~A mad scientist, by the name of John DeLuge, lives in his lab, deep under the surface of the ocean, performing chemical experiments and animals and people. He cannot conduct his experiments anywhere else, because no government accepts DeLuge's experiments as humane, though by using this method, he has cured many deadly illnesses, and thus his cures have been distributed to the world by a pharmaceutical company. However, some sea monkeys that were kept in captivity in the lab have broken loose, and eaten the containers of the chemicals. This caused a massive explosion, dispersing and flooding the lab station with a new, sinister acid. Water has also flooded into the station and combined with certain chemicals, making it much more dense and therefore dangerous. The scientist has now been imprisoned by his lab assistants and robots along with other formerly captivated animals, who have been mutated due to the chemical spill. It is imperative that you go down into the station and extract the scientist; as the future of all modern medicine may hang in the balance.


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