By whtever :: Tuesday December 25th, 2012

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You are a biologist in a swamp, deep in the forests of Oregon. You have stayed out past dusk in order to catch a sample of a rare nocturnal fish, but what you're about to see will challenge your most scientific of minds. A strong denier of the existence of cryptids, when you start hearing knocking on the wood, you merely dismiss it as one of your team having followed you from camp. But then you notice the entire swamp has gone silent, and an awful stench has filled the air. You start trying to recall when the last time was that you even heard an insect. As you yell at him to quiet down and asking who he is, instead of hearing any sound a man can make, you hear a very low grunt. Startled to hear such a loud noise, and suspecting it came from close by, you being to wade back towards camp. After about a minute, you hear very loud howls, and two feet, not four, splashing in the water, getting louder and louder You freeze, trying to figure where and what this is but in your silence, the only thing it returns is...silence. A small rock strikes you in the back, causing you to jump and drop your flashlight. As you fall and splash, you hear another louder splash, and quickly stagger to your feet after picking it back up and shine it towards the sound of the best coming from thick brush. You see two, deep, bright red reflections, and at that moment, and you feel a deep fear, and instantaneously turn and attempt to escape into the forest, but you hear the heavy footsteps behind you. You wading as quickly as you can, and behind you, long, powerful strides and heavy breathing. You take out your radar to see where the beast is, but it moves so fast that it's practically useless. Can you escape the swamp and forest and convince the world that you, the most skeptical of men, believe now?


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