The Seven Sins: Envy

By whtever :: Saturday July 21st, 2012

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In The Seven Sins, one of the members was knocked out and replaced by an undercover cop right before one of the meetings of The Seven Sins to discuss plans for rebelling against Sploder. The undercover cop was never found out, but was deemed suspicious and was removed from the meeting. The member that was knocked out before the meeting was Neal. By the time Neal came to his senses, the meeting was over, and he did not know why none of the other members of The Seven Sins wouldn’t speak to him. Neal wished desperately that he could be a part of the plan. He envied the rest of the group at that point, and that is why he represented Envy. In the game, play as Neal and help your allies accomplish their mission, and fulfill his wish, because no matter how badly the ordeal would end, Neal wanted to be one of the Seven Sins.


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