The Seven Sins: Gluttony

By whtever :: Saturday July 21st, 2012

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This is a series of small games, based on the seven people involved in the plot to change Sploder. It’s mainly a series of games that I hope illustrates our side of the story a little bit better then you forum-goers may have heard from the mods. Each of these games will be based on one of the seven members of the plot.===================================================== Once upon a time, Sploder was the most peaceful place in the world. Everyone on Sploder was happy. But, times changed as the years went by, and the rulers of Sploder, the ones under the great Geoff of course, had started passing various laws that that forbade many of the activities that made the people of Sploder happy. The people of Sploder endured, but they were with discontent with all the new rules. All they wanted to do now was sit and reminisce about the good old days. That was until the Seven Sins were formed, that is. The Seven Sins were a group of Seven bold men, who wanted to bring Sploder back to the way it was. They called themselves the Seven Sins because each of them represented each Sin, or, wanted to make it allowed to practice that sin on Sploder again, like the good old days. The Seven Deadly Sins are Greed, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Envy, and finally, Gluttony. This game is based on the Sin of Gluttony, which one of the members of the Seven Sins represented, obviously. This member was Tookewl. Gluttony is the practice of eating food while it isn’t meal time. Tookewl wanted to curse at people while not in the only sacred place where cursing was allowed on Sploder, the barracks. Most people wanted this, but few were bold enough to stand up for it. Of course it was once allowed, but then it was outlawed. Anyway, in this game, you play as Tookewl, and you must escape from the binding of the rules, and attempt to return Sploder back to the good old days. It’s going to involve going through secret passages, and moving stealthily. Like Tookewl, you must have the determination to get what you desire, even if it was wrong.


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