Just A Short Review On A Random Game I Found

Review by whtever on Sunday, October 24th 2010
Click to play Manic Miner

Manic Miner is a game created by woafer


I was looking for recent games to feature, and I thought the map of this game looked interesting from the Editor page so I decided to play.


The beginning was a little...pointless, as those switches we see do absolutely nothing except attempt to add to the after-thought storyline. However, game-play wasn't terrible. The tunnels at the beginning may seem pointless, but Woafer actually did a good job of spacing his game out. Also, I liked the hidden power-up there, as those always boost the user-friendliness of games.

After that is acquired, you proceed to the actual game-play, and, while it's short, the ladders were well placed and some enemies were actually quite puzzling as to how to avoid them. Also, there were traps, but not too many.


This game has achieved the balance of difficulty and simplicity that I like, which is why I featured it, though one could tell it was made by a novice. This is the first game from Woafer that is good and I expect some good games from him/her if they just makes things more complex.


I give it a 6/10, for the surprisingly good game-play from a lack of diversity among objects and enemies, and some unneeded parts.