By wildzoogames :: Wednesday July 12th, 2017

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Welcome to Wildibiolia wil-de-bi-ol-ee-uh (a very peaceful Island off the coast of Jerkynsview bay, with various habitat regions from coastal to desert and everything in between ) Maldad Gnathog Ontbossing (a no good, money hungry, sleazy,CEO urban developer.) has the opportunity of a lifetime, To get rich quick by civilizing the nearest wilds. His agency's old conservation agreement with the government BEACON file (the agreement Biologically and Ecologically Adequately Conserve Organisms and Nature), is the only thing standing in his way. Mr. Ontbossing previously attempted to Illegally clear the Wildibiolia's wildlife areas but was stopped by local government with a warning. In an attempt to salvage his company's reputation Maldad quickly shreds the evidence of multiple previous attempts to illegally civilize the area. The Inspectors would be in to inspect Ontbossing's workplace tomorrow afternoon.. So Maldad calls his old friend Herald Held Haftig (an aspiring hero ever since a fireman saved his dog ember, from a fire helps everyone, hurts nothing.) and coaxes Haftig to let him use his W.O.M.D Bots (strong semi humanoid World Organism and Medical Diagnostic robots ) to help him "Save a stolen document that protects nature from the rival developers " in hopes that the WOMDbots would accidentally obliterate the wilderness at the aid of his Radio Influence Drone Reprogram Module (RIDRM; a highly sensitive and persuasive RC) At the island... the animals of Wildibiolia wil-de-bi-ol-ee-uh are peacefully going about their day when a commotion starts at the coast awaking four of the islands bravest animals, Redora,Bently,Lyhn and Raccondoe .............. Get Hyped For Pandamonium as the Procynadae,Redora and Raccondoe and Ursidae,Lyhn and Bently, and a few other fun friends, as they try to save there lovely island from an unnatural disaster!


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