By wildzoogames :: Wednesday February 10th, 2016

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Pixelmalz Is An Original Computer Game Made By Rhinozoo For WildZooGames I went zoologist and infused lots of factS into the game 1#Gooday Mate!:The red-eyed treefrogs live in the rainforest ogf central south america And Eat Bugs and Even being 2-3 inches in size treefrogs have many large predators such as gators crocs jaguar and owls 2#Ants Go Runninng!:the rainforest carpenter ant is one of the strongest ants in the world ,they can lift the equivelant of a 13year old girl lifting a small bus with ease the ants are Also pretty fast too 3#No Cheetahing!: the cheetah is the fastest running land animal ever known capable of running anywhere from 60-75,mph for about 5 minutes before getting completely dehidrated and tired, 'well even still the beat me bigtime' 4#High Dive!:the bald eagle is one of the biggest birds of prey known to man kind it can soar over 42 miles an hour , and dives into lakes and rivers catching big fish with there tallons. but they surely dont wanna catch any alligators 5#As Painful As Honey.: Honey Badgers Are Some one Of the Toughest and most vicious creatures on earth capable of scaring away a lion in a single hiss HoneyGuides On The Other Hand Are not so viscious but are exellent finders when it comes to finding yummy honey after locating The liquid gold the Guides Hover Around Badgers Beckoning Them to the KILLER BEE's nest after getting to the hive its the badgers turn to Break THe Hive Swat The Bees So the two honey lovers can share a good meal Fun Fact:Honey Badgers Can Stand Up To 1500 Bee Stings 6#Coon Tunes:(Jazzy symbals) ............................ "It was A Dark And RAiny Night And I was Out side Gettin allitle hungrae fo sumtintweet .........lookin aroun i saw a warm house and kapow thae winow wa opin Heaven Knows i waes in dea" Racoons Are Pretty Stealthy Animals.but Due To HAbitat Loss they have been forced to move into urban areas wich requires them to use that stealth aposable thumbs and "buit in Suynwases" much more Making them One Of The Most Sucssessful urban mammals Besides squirrels


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