Review by woodchuck on Friday, June 27th 2014
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Bridge Of Mayhem is a game created by toshiro000miguzi

So, another review, let's just get straight to it.

Once upon a time I was reluctantly scrolling through the Sploder main site, when I stumbled across a game on the featured games page. That game happened to be Bridge Of Mayhem by toshiro0 -

I actually have no idea.

Anyway, I have certainly never heard of.. THIS USER, and I believe this is his/her first featured game to date. So first of all, I had pretty much average thoughts on the game. The thumbnail seemed pretty bland, just a player in some sort of tower below two crystals. And, to be honest, the title really didn't appeal to me. 'Bridge Of Mayhem' sounds more like some kind of cheesy play than a game. No offence.

So it was an adventure game. A pretty good one too. As soon as I started I was intrigued. 'This game is an adventure game, that you can complete first try.' OH. MY. GOD. I can complete it first try? Why can't every game be like this? Screw challenge and all that pancakes, I LIKE THIS.

The game started off quite nicely, with a brief storyline overview, which helped a lot.

What really impressed me was the subtle use of graphics. In not many games I have seen such a unique display of simple, yet effective, graphics. They were used to label things like doors and to create short animations to catch the players eye. That was a good start.

Then, BOOM, straight into the action. Everyone loves a bit of action, even your nan. But this was different. In most games, action is over used, especially in adventure games which results in the player being killed very quickly. When that happens, I rage quit and the game automatically looses my respect. Coughflappybirdcough. But in this game, due to the amount of health dotted around (and my skill), I was able to complete it first try. As you can imagine, I would be very happy to play it again. But in all seriousness, I was very impressed by how the game maker could do this while still retaining the same amount of action as any other game.

What really drew my eye was the scenery. Although it was fairly simple, it was certainly not bland, with different textures everywhere, it created the perfect scene to play in. In fact, it was anything but sloppy.

There was also some puzzle involved, but far from complex. I mean, I know it's an adventure game, but please, play with my brain some more. But as I said, this can be easy to forget in a genre like this.

The thing that I enjoyed most was the adventure aspect to this game. It seemed as if I could go anywhere, in any order, collecting crystals as I go. The levels were just the right size and length too, which enabled the player to spend time searching around the map instead of just going in ONE. STRAIGHT. LONG. PATH.

So good job on that… toshiro000m-


Interesting scenery

Intense action

Perfect difficulty for all players

Amazing adventure feel


Simple, used puzzles

Slightly bland thumbnail

Cheesy cliche name

(Can't be bothered to do rating stuff)

Overall, this was a good game. It had it's pros and it had it's cons, but it was certainly fun to play nevertheless. In my opinion, Bridge Of Mayhem is a feature worthy game. Well done what's his face.