Horror in the Hospice

By wordigirl :: Friday July 13th, 2018

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http://forums.sploder.com/index.php/topic,523407 After an asteroid struck the Hitchodian chemical plant, the explosion spread mixtures of gasses and liquids combined with the meteorite's alien properties creating a dangerous radioactive formula that left the factory workers with a horrible condition now classified as Meteoric Chemicloridus. Deemed incurable by the mayor, the surviving employees were destined for termination until world renowned genius Dr. Erasmus Boxton agreed to establish a new hospice ward dedicated entirely to them. Putting his cancer research aside for the moment, he was determined to invent an antidote for this rare disease. In case of success, he would receive a heavily substantial grant, and a prestigious award from the government's coveted Hall of Incurable Cures. Meteoric Chemicloridus caused people to lose their minds and act completely out of their norm, with many side effects including skin discoloration, abnormal muscle formations, and sudden violent mood swings, so Dr. Boxton utilized puzzle-based locks in order for only intelligent sane people to be able to freely roam the facilities. Experimental cures were constantly being developed, and successful trials lead the doctor to believe that at long last, he had finally done it. But, exactly an hour after receiving the supposed antidote, every patient's symptoms completely worsened, causing them to uncontrollably fight and bite nurses and doctors thus transferring the disease. In an attempt to escape the horrendous monstrosities he unintentionally helped to create, Dr. Boxton used the emergency containment capsule. Trapped inside, he hoped that no one would be able to injure or infect him, but sent a distress signal to the Government. Fearing that the world would lose an incredible mind capable of accomplishing impossible tasks, the mayor contacted DACES- The Department of Abnormal Crisis and Extreme Situations. This is why you are here. There is a bounty on Dr. Boxton's head to be brought back alive. Nothing can be done about the patients or infected staff. Just get in, get the doctor, and get out. ALIVE.


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