Lucas Galaxy

By wunschel :: Saturday February 23rd, 2013

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Story: Level 1: Your name is Lucas, after gathering supplies for your father, Dr. Matthew Campbell. Now, you have landed on a strange Alien planet, find out where you are and what is going on! Level 2: You have ventured into the dark tunnels of the Alien Planet, now you must explore the tunnels and find out where you are, and how to get out. Level 3: You have found out there is a escape pod in a construction site nearby, you can get there if you follow the tunnels correctly you might be able to get there, but you should gather supplies and prepare for a fight Level 4: In order to power the escape pod you must find 4 power cores, the escape pod already has one in stock, there should be 3 more nearby, if you want to escape you must find them. Level 5: This is where it ends, you die, the end. (This level and others never were completed because I did not have enough time to finish it.)

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