Wingman Cruiser

By xboy911 :: Saturday November 7th, 2009

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Name: Jack Larou/ Wingman Rank: Experienced Fighter Pilot Born: 5th January 2236 (Part of T.E.F.P.O.S) (The Elite Fighter Pilot Orion Squad) Partner: Mickey Crafore/ Cruiser Rank: Apprentice Fighter Pilot Born: 12th October 2245 (Part of T.A.F.L.O.S.P) (The Academy For Learning Orion Squad Pilots) Mission: The year is 2265 and a mercenary group called Archiva have unleashed an army of Super Droid Battle Ships on Planet Earth and have gone rogue. Sgt. Wingman and Prvt. Cruiser are Earths last chance of survival. Pt.1 unlock the doors and get to the crystal. Pt. 2 coming soon!


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