Paint It Black

By youngcaliman :: Friday September 14th, 2012

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Just a little black paint drop. That's all you are. Nothing more. But you feel like you are much more than that. But something is holding you back. How is this possible? How could your master place you with the blue paint? It does not make sense to you. Although black and blue do not normally mix well together, the blue paint has welcomed you with open arms, if it had any. You, just a tiny black paint drop, have fused with the blue paint. However, even though you are honored by this unexpected welcoming, you are not completely happy. You know you belong with the black paint. But the rest of the black paint does not feel the same. It now sees you as a traitor. You now feel like you must prove it wrong. The black paint will try to remove you from the portrait at all costs, but you must find a way to fuse back with the black paint in order to fulfill your ultimate happiness that you know is missing... Game play note: Areas indicated by 4 logs (2 on top and bottom, or 2 on each side) must be unlocked by a switch. Also, in the later levels, each gun have 80 bullets to ensure you do not run out of ammo.


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